WASH and HIV/AIDS Toolkit

WASH & HIV/AIDS Integration - Resources for Planning, Programming and Assessing

SPLASH's Public-Private Pad-Making Partnership

At the 2014 Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Day celebrations in Zambia, YASH Pharmaceuticals partnered with USAID/Zambia’s SPLASH (Schools Promoting Learning Achievement through Sanitation and Hygiene) project to provide 125 MHM kits for girls at Kabulonga Girl’s Secondary School in Lusaka. The popularity of the reusable pad-making demonstration at the event spurred YASH to undertake its own production of reusable pads.

Cooking Should Nurture, Not Kill

4 million people die prematurely every year due to smoke exposure from traditional cooking fires.This is more than the deaths from malaria, tuberculosis,and HIV/AIDS combined. The use of clean, reliable, affordable, efficient, and safe home cooking practices reduces exposure to household air pollution.

WASH in Zambian Primary Schools: Essential Elements for Quality Education

A poster presentation by Dr. Justin Lupele and Sarah Fry from the USAID Zambia SPLASH Project, at the Comparative and International Education Society Conference, March 2015.

Baseline Survey: School WASH Facility Assessment

This report presents findings of the baseline study of the five-year USAID/Zambia-funded Schools Promoting Learning Achievement through Sanitation and Hygiene (SPLASH) project. The project’s overall objective is to sustainably improve equitable access to education through provision of safe water, adequate sanitation, hygiene information, and health practices to improve learning environments and educational performance in basic schools. The project operates in four districts of the Eastern Province: Chipata, Lundazi, Chadiza, and Mambwe.

A Teacher’s Guide to Integrating WASH in Schools

This guide supports the teaching and learning about water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in Zambian primary schools and provides technical content for the teacher to familiarize himself/herself with the subject of WASH, including suggestions on how WASH content can be integrated into the classroom.


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