Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Country Profiles

Here are country profiles for Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Nepal, Uganda and Zambia.

Let Kids Learn

Clean water, adequate sanitation and proper hygiene require appropriate facilities and an awareness of good practices. Through the SPLASH partnership, CARE International supports the construction of boreholes and sanitation facilities, while FHI 360 supports teacher training and curriculum development. Local ministries, nongovernmental organizations and communities take it from there.

Behavior-Centered Approaches to Improve Health Outcomes, A Learning Brief

This technical brief presents the WASHplus approach to behavior change applied in various country settings to imrove WASH practices and serve as the foundation of the project's global guidance.

SPLASH Spillover Effect: Unexpected Construction Resulting from SPLASH Project Interventions

School WASH can be a powerful springboard for household level WASH and community development. The challenge is that WASH in Schools and in communities or households usually falls to separate agencies or ministries. These will have to find a means for collaboration in order to benefit from the synergies and spillover effect.

What is the USAID/WASHplus Benin Urban Hygiene Improvement Program?

This brief provides an overview of the pilot hygiene improvement program in two of Cotonou’s most neglected peri-urban neighborhoods, Agbato and Enagnon. The program focuses primarily on handwashing with soap and safe household drinking water. 

WASHing Away Worms and Other Neglected Tropical Diseases

Although mass drug administration is key to reducing NTDs, reinfection will remain a problem if WASH behaviors are not addressed. WASHplus is documenting the links between WASH and NTDs and exploring ways to integrate WASH into NTD programs.

WASH-Friendly Schools: A training resource for SPLASH Use

This guide is intended to be useful to those working for the benefit of children in resource-poor environments who, like children everywhere, have the right to a safe, clean, and welcoming school environment. It is envisioned that this guide will support the creation of an enabling environment to establish WASH-Friendly Schools.


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