Integrating WASH and Nutrition for Healthy Communities

Working through CARE Mali, the overall goal of WASHplus in Mali is to improve the nutritional status of 187,000 women of reproductive age and 60,000 of their children (especially those under two) in poor, rural households and communities. The programme had three objectives to reach this goal:

1. Increase supply of appropriate, affordable, and sustainable WASH solutions;

2. Increase demand for low-cost sanitation; and

3. Improve sanitation and hygiene practices and nutrition behaviours.

Country Profiles

Here are country profiles for Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Nepal, Uganda and Zambia.

WASHplus Country Snapshots and Results (2016)

WASHplus Country Snapshots and Results, 2016. This document provides a summary of country interventions and a snapshot of results as of 2015. Each WASHplus intervention is tailored to address the unique needs of a given country—whether it be improving school WASH, enhancing household sanitation options, or marketing improved cookstoves.

Allaiter Enquête de référence au Mali

Ce rapport présente les résultats d'une étude de référence menée dans trois districts de la région de Mopti au Mali: Mopti, Bandiagara et Bankass. Le sondage a été utilisé pour évaluer la prévalence de l'allaitement exclusif des enfants de moins de 6 mois et la supplémentation alimentaire chez les enfants de 6 à 24 mois.

Breastfeeding Baseline Survey in Mali

This report presents the findings of a baseline survey conducted in three districts in the Mopti Region in Mali: Mopti, Bandiagara, and Bankass. The survey was used to assess the prevalence of exclusive breastfeeding of children under 6 months and dietary supplementation in children 6 to 24 months.

WASHplus Year Five Annual Report, October 2015

At the end of its fifth year, WASHplus has stories to tell, results to share, events to celebrate, and studies that add to the evidence base. WASHplus activities serve as the backdrop for many stories: the Zambian school girl who has access to privacy and menstrual supplies when she needs them, the Malian household that can now build an improved latrine on their rocky soil, the mother in Bangladesh who understands the importance of a feces-free environment, the Nepali home breathing cleaner air as it trials an improved cookstove.

WASHplus Presents at 2015 #UNCWaterandHealth Conference

WASHplus staff presented at the 2015 UNC Water and Health Conference organized by the UNC Water Institute. Here are some of the conference presentations. 


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