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Latest Resources

WASHplus End of Project Report. Learn more.
WASHplus End of Project Event: What We Did, Why It Matters. Learn more.

WASHplus Clean Cooking: Cookstove Consumer Toolkit. Learn more.


WASHplus Clean Cooking: What We Did, Why It Matters. Link to webinar.  Link to slides.

The Science of HabitThe Science of Habit: Creating Disruptive and Sticky Behavior Change in Handwashing Behavior. Read the paper.


best cltsCLTS-Plus: Value-Added Sanitation Programming, A Learning Brief. Learn more.

WASH-Icons-BehaviorChange1Behavior-Centered Approaches to Improve Health Outcomes, A Learning Brief. Learn more.


SDA (1)Small Doable Actions: A Feasible Approach to Behavior Change, A Learning Brief. Learn more

WASH+Nutrition_Icon_v2Integrating WASH & Nutrition, A Learning Brief. Learn more.



WASH Nutrition Integration Compendium. Learn more.



WASH-Icons-IntegrationThe Power of Integration to Multiply Development Impact, A Learning Brief. Learn more. _Icon_PartnershipPartnerships: A Key Strategy to Inrease Impact and Results, A Learning Brief. Learn more.

SPLASH Menstrual Hygiene Management Toolkit. Learn more.



SPLASH School Outcome Study. Read it here.

WASH-NTDs: WASHing Away Diseases, Two Hands at a Time. View the webinar.
splashSPLASH Spillover Effect: Unexpected Construction Resulting from SPLASH Project Interventions. Learn more.


Stories from the Field

A Surprise Inoculation Against Cholera. Learn more.
Mali story Building latrines and keeping water clean decreases
diarrhoea and under-nutrition in Mali
. Read the story.
A little girl learns to wash her hands before eating
What does water, sanitation and hygiene have to do with nutrition? Everything.Read the story.
Gmangun Charles, of Kubone community in Ghana, shows off his household’s new latrine. (Photo by David Nunoo, SPRING/Ghana WASH Advisor) Improving Nutrition, One Latrine at a Time: WASH 1,000 Strategy in Ghana Takes Hold. Read the story.


From our Blog

DSC_0003 Experimental Urban CLTS in Benin. Learn more.
SPLASH WWD 1 World Water Day: Training Water Service Providers in Zambia. Read the post.
WWD pic 3.png World Water Day: Providing Jobs, Empowering Lives.
Read the post.
WWD pic 2 World Water Day: Building Latrines, Providing Livelihoods. Read the post.



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